St. Lawrence Central Middle School

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Principal's Message

Welcome to what will soon be another great school year. As a district, we are continuing with many of our past initiatives, while also focusing a little more on certain character building areas. One area of focus for our entire K-12 student body will be a renewed look at students’ rights vs. students’ responsibilities. As you are well aware, your children have numerous rights here at school but with those  rights comes a responsibility to show you can handle those rights and freedoms. One example…students have the right to enjoy lunch with their friends and relax and talk at a reasonable noise level…in return however it is their responsibility to then pick up their area and push in or return any chairs before they are dismissed to leave…without argument. This may sound like a minor thing, but many little examples of character, like this, help to build better schools and communities as a whole.


Supply lists were sent home and extra copies of the summer reading lists for grades 6-8 (which are required and graded during the first week of school) are available out front of the Middle School Office. Supply lists for all grades are also posted on our middle school web page.

Our 5th grade team will be changing things up a bit again this year. With only three student sections this year, all 5th grade students will see each of the three teachers daily. Mrs. Forbes (Math), Mrs. Ramie (ELA), and Miss Ashlaw (Social/Science). I also would like to welcome some very familiar faces to new positions along with introducing some new staff: welcoming Anne Adams (5th grade aide) coming from the elementary, Mr. Mark Robertson (Mr. Bob) is returning to full time Technology grades 7&8, and our two new staff members…Miss Abbie Adams (MS Physical Education) and Mrs. Alexandra Clark (8th grade Science).

Orientation Night for all grades 5th-8th will be held on Thursday August 31st from 6-8 pm here at school. Please make every effort to attend as LOTS of information on your child’s year will be shared with you and we will do a mock trial run of their schedule. This will give you a chance to hear from each of your child’s teachers and get a brief overview of what will be expected of them in each class. Letters will be sent home with further details as that day gets closer.

TO PARENTS WHO DROP OFF OR PICK UP THEIR CHILDREN: We really need to once again enforce the spot in which to drop off and pick up during (7:40-8:00) AM and (2:15-2:35) PM bus times. The far door, nearest the bus garage, is the only door that should be used for middle school drop offs and pick-ups during bus times. PM students must be picked up by 2:35 or they will be directed to go to a classroom and parents will need to come in and sign them out in the main office. Thanks in advance for your cooperation it will make things safer for all.

In closing, I will say I am looking forward to having some noise back in the building. As always, please continue to support our district, school, and individual classroom goals to help your child improve in every area possible. Please do everything you can to stay informed about what is going on at BFCSD and remember your input is always welcome. 


Chris Rose

Middle School Principal