St. Lawrence Central Middle School

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About the Middle School

SLC Middle School consists of Grades 5-8
We currently have approximately 360 students.
Our classes average 20 or fewer students per room.
Christopher Rose is our Middle School Principal
Dominique LaVoie is our counselor
Lisa Crump is our secretary
Academic Programs
Reading specialists in grades 5-8
Consultant teachers in some classes
Contained classrooms in grade 5
Rotating scheduling for grades 6, 7, & 8
Accelerated science programs in 8th grade
Foreign language taught in 8th grade
Use of Current Technology
Middle School computer lab equipped for 30 students
Chromebook and laptop computer carts for classroom use
Classroom Smart Boards and projectors
Library resource center with a computer lab
Parental web access to student record, grades, & lunch program
Text alert program to notify parents of events & closures
Diverse Counseling & Achievement Programs
School guidance & personal counselors
Liberty partnership program tutoring
Peer tutor program
Extracurricular Programs and Sports
Middle School student council and Middle School yearbook
National Junior Honor Society
Drama Club with a musical performed each year
Band and chorus (NYSSMA)
Extended day program
Modified sports teams:  soccer, football, swimming,
basketball, lacrosse, baseball, softball,
varsity hockey (local minor hockey)
(many more sports programs through local associations)