St. Lawrence Central Middle School

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Bottle Caps in the Classroom

Ms. Vlad's class started in the beginning of February collecting bottle caps. These caps are brought down to Florida to an organization called Caps of Love. This organization takes the bottle caps and get about 12 cents a pound for the plastic. The money is used to purchase wheelchairs for individuals 21 and under.
When Ms. Vlad went to Florida in February, after 20 days her class collected 209 bottle caps and were extremely excited and wanted to beat their record.  When Ms. Vlad came back the students came in with tons of bottle caps! Right now, the fifth grade classes and sixth graders have collected over 1,600 bottle caps in 20 days!  Through this, the students have been learning about recycling, different grades of plastic, organizing, counting on, counting large numbers, and helping out others. Many students have gone to bottle redemption centers to collect caps as well as talking with their parents to collect them at their jobs.  Her class is still collecting caps and are hoping to collect over 2,00 before April 13th when she brings them down to Florida again.