St. Lawrence Central Middle School

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6th Grade Music re-creates Classic Children's Stories

Last week Mrs. Martin's 6th grade music class was making music to mirror classic fairy tales and children's stories. The class  started learning how music can enhance a story. They also  learned how the composer created different themes (or motifs) to depict characters, actions, and events.

Since January, the class practiced writing short motifs, then turned to the classic fairy tales. The students "flushed" out the story: the characters, actions, events. The students did all the composing and notating their music so it could be understood using either/both traditional and nontraditional notation.
Mrs. Martin first heard of this idea from a colleague at a regional staff development days put on by St. Lawrence County Music Educators' Association (SLCMEA).
The students performed their renditions of "The Little Red Hen", "The Three Little Pigs",  "Three Billy Goats Gruff" and  "Chicken Little".
To see photos from one of the performances, click this link: