St. Lawrence Central Middle School

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 5:15pm MS GYM - Sign-in & Pick-up Packet

6:00pm MS-HS AUDITORIUM – Orientation Welcome followed by mini-schedule tours.

All Middle School Students and Parent/Guardians are highly encouraged to participate.

 Orientation Night is a welcoming opportunity for parents and students to meet us and learn some of our expectations for the coming school year.  Students will get their final schedules, find their classrooms, and meet their teachers face to face.  We hope to reduce anxiety and help them to have a great start for the new school year.  

 The event will begin by picking up your student’s packet in the gym. It includes their completed schedule and school planner.  Mr. Rose will then welcome everyone and quickly provide important information and expectations for the upcoming school year.   There will also be information regarding reading schedules and more.

 Students (with their parent/guardians) will break into groups by grade-level. They will then follow a mock schedule, visiting your student’s teachers in their classrooms.  The teachers will provide course information and expectations, and answer questions that students or parents may have.   This tour will help students to find their homerooms, and get a better idea of where they will be going on the first day. 

 After the tour, students will have time to find their lockers and set them up.

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